Automatic water leak detection makes SMART buildings even better 

“It’s pennies on the dollar to have water leak

 detection in your building … You could have a

 decade or more of prevention cost in one flood.”

  Lisa Gualco, General Manager, Hazard Center

Tenants expect their space to be protected from water damage and that a leak above them will be caught before it reaches their suite.

Water leak detection protects the environment and keeps solid waste out of landfills. Improve the sustainability of your business.


Unobtrusive, state-of-the-art wireless water leak detection systems in tenant suites ensure business continuity. Well-designed wireless systems are both practical to install and cost-effective to operate. You invest in an asset and need it to deliver value. Don't let a flood drive your tenants away. 

To detect water in the common areas is as common sense as installing locks on the doors. By catching a water leak at its source, you protect the value of your investment, reduce your out-of-pocket repair and remediation expenses, and reduce the likelihood of hidden, long-lasting consequences.


An integrated automatic water leak system will alert building management and on-site engineers to the precise location of a leak, within minutes of detection. Water sensors are working 24/7 to detect water leaks. As soon as they sense water, they will alert you.


Keep occupancy high and tenant concerns low with an affordable, easy-to-install commercial water leak detection equipment. No matter the age of your building, occupancy profile or configuration, there is a water leak detection system for you.

“I would never NOT have a water leak detection system in my building. You need to look out

  for the assets of your tenants and owners. It’s the responsible thing to do.”

   Bob Crowl, Chief Engineer, Hazard Center


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