Immediate ROI - Catch even one water leak in your building and the system pays for itself

"Water is a quiet threat. It can run over a

  weekend and nobody knows about it.”

   Lisa Gualco, General Manager, Hazard Center

Your facility is your face to the world and the hub of your operations. Water leaks can ruin equipment, destroy data, wreck experiments, and potentially contaminate the work environment. The cost to repair or replace equipment or data is often a fraction of the total losses incurred from a significant water breach.  Add business interruption and you have a potential disaster.

Can you afford to let a leaking cappuccino station take down your business? Protect against damage with a custom leak detection system from The Detection Group.

“Leak detection is a key component of ensur-

  ing our water use is as low as possible.”


   Sara Neff, Senior VP, Sustainability, Kilroy Realty 

Whether you have a high-rise or a campus, our solution makes it easy to design and install a state-of-the-art wireless water leak detection system that can be configured and managed from the cloud. The system is easily retrofitted into existing infrastructure or installed in new construction. The reliable, wireless component architecture provides a cost-effective solution for virtually any building configuration.  

“The Detection Group turns a fiasco into a totally manageable maintenance item.”

   Building Manager, San Francisco


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