Trident - scalable water leak detection system for any multi-story building or campus.

Long Range, Long-Lived

Wireless Sensors

Automatic & Remotely Operated Shut-Off Valves

Cloud Management

Catch Water Leaks Early

Safeguard what you cannot afford to lose
  • >5-year battery life (2 CR123 Lithium Ion Batteries)

  • Reports when battery life is low to ensure continuous operation

Unobtrusive wireless, reliable water leak detection equipment can be placed anywhere throughout a building to provide complete coverage in virtually any floor plan. Retrofit existing buildings, or install during new construction. Detectors provide:
  • Audible alarm and wireless alerts

  • Manual override and timed reset

Low-profile, wireless baseboard units for sensing leaks
Use the leak detection device under or behind kitchen sinks, air conditioners, behind toilets, water heaters.

Leak sensing flex cable 

Detects water anywhere along its length for area or perimeter coverage​.

Designed to :

  • Penetrate walls in chase areas,

  • Surround air handlers, chillers and water heaters

  • Lay across pans and sub-floors

  • Extend under refrigerators and dishwashers

  • Available as inter-connectable segments: 1.5, 5 and 10 feet

  • Advanced polymer construction - resists corrosion and dries quickly


SMART Buildings Act Fast

Define a water exclusion zone of any size with one, two or many sensors by setting a valve controller on central water lines near:

  • Limited access areas

  • Archival storage

  • Laboratories

  • Irreplaceable items

  • Mission critical areas (server centers)

  • High voltage equipment

When a water leak threatens, seconds count. Even round-the-clock facilities staff can not be everywhere at once. The valve controller will shut off water if there is any water detected anywhere in its exclusion zone. ​

Automatic shut-offs protect high value assets


 Add leak sensing cables to our wireless point sensors to extend coverage or protect critical or hard-to-reach areas. Define rules that trigger automatic valve closure. Continuously powered with battery backup, the valve controllers integrate seamlessly with and are connected to the Trident cloud management server.  

Valve controller components are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to support lines from 0.5" to 2" in diameter.  


Always On, Always Listening

Trident Portal for customers


24 x 7 x 365 Cloud Monitoring & Protection

Our cloud system constantly monitors the status of all in-building devices. It captures, analyzes and immediately activates your custom notification protocol in the event of a water leak.

Real-time, Rapid, Reliable Notification

Powered with battery backup, priority alerts are sent by SMS, phone, and email to ensure the right people are contacted, no matter when or where a water leak is detected.


When maintenance staff is off duty or on vacation, Trident will automatically change the notification order ensuring the right person gets the message.

Remote Management Portal

Maintain, update and monitor the status of your system via a secure web portal. Designated staff can view the system from home or office.

  • View status of every device in the system

  • Configure alarm procedures

  • Record date and time of leak event

  • Document alarm response

  • Access and create custom reports