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Water Leak Fail and Win of the Week

January 11, 2017

Normally water leaks are always a fail, and not something to relish. And water leaks wins never happen because it's either a water leak prevention, which is a win, or a water leak problem, a fail. However, this week has a special water leak loser and lucky water leak winners.

The fail of the week goes to Ms. Chatman, who let a water leak go unnoticed. The water from her apartment leaked into her downstairs neighbors, prompting a check up. Usually, we would feel bad for someone who is a victim of a water leak, but this leak led to the confiscation of more than 5 pounds of cannabis from Ms. Chatman. Click here for the full story.

And the win of the week goes to the students of Rockville High, who got the day off because a water shut down the school. Water leaks are a force to reckon with!

Holiday Nightmare: Burst Pipe, Water Spews from Ceiling

December 17, 2016

Check out this video of water pouring out of the ceiling! The cold weather caused the pipe burst, which not only caused costly damage, it took down holiday decorations. Don't let leaks dampen your holiday spirits; our system can identify when the weather is cold or hot enough to cause a problem. And an automatic shut-off may not have Grinch fighting abilities, but it would have stopped leak from causing a holiday nightmare!

January 04, 2017

Every building manager/owner’s should have New Year’s resolution to improve their buildings. One way to do so is to conserve water in 2017. Here are some tips:

1. If you don't measure, you can't manage? Just like with energy, conserving water is important. To do so, you should look over water bills on a monthly basis and compare them to previous years and months.

2. Implement technology that monitors your pipes in real time and sends you alerts 24/7. This technology can collect data and send it wirelessly to a website portal where managers and owners can detect if a property has a leak.

Read the all the tips here. Our hardware and system more than satisfy this list. If you're interested in making your building smarter, and ready for 2017 contact us. 

October 17, 2016

The Arizona Corporation Commissioner, Andy Tobin, explains “it may seem innocuous, but when a water system has leaking pipes, it starts adding up.” Read more.

He makes a great point. Water leaks add up, but they don't have to! With our system, you will see ROI in your investment and in you building. We're the leaders, compare us with our competition.

Madison Courtroom Avoids Leak from Continuing Over the Long Weekend

January 04, 2017

The court was closed on Friday for New Years holidays, which meant workers were able to get more time off, but it could have also given boiler's water leak more time to do greater damage than it had already done. Luckily, a clerk operator happened to come in Friday morning to get ahead in some work and was able to find the leak. This could have ended with a lot more water damage; although the courtroom was lucky enough to have a worker come in on Friday, this situation demonstrates the advantage of water leak detection system that doesn't leave an early discovery of a leak to chance. Read the full article over here

It Only Takes a Week or Two..

January 04, 2017

Whether you and the office is gone for a long weekend or a tenant is out the condo for the holidays, an empty building can't protect itself from leaks. Two Orange County public school facilities learned this the hard way when they came back from winter break, only to face thousands of dollars in water damage. A SMART building, however, can identify, alert, and stop leaks. Read more about the damage here.

Insurance Companies' Worst Nightmare is...

July 19, 2016

You guessed it. Water Leaks! This article details how Citizens Insurance is spending $1.8 million, JUST to investigate water claims. Damage due to water leaks has hurt them so much, that they are raising policy rates nationwide.


If only there was a system that could locate water leaks, notify the appropriate people, and shut the leak off, at a low price, but also reliable, robust, and easy-to-install... Oh wait, there is! Give us a call how we can make your building smarter.

It only took one weekend for water cause Simon Cowell £100,000 in damages

February 02, 2016

And the cost is just part of the "floody nightmare," as this article explains. Simon's Syco TV office must reorganize meetings, and it will be while before the space will return to its plushy environment, which had been painstakingly decorated with expensive touches, such as luxurious leather walls and print photographs from Terry O'Neill. 

Cracked Water Heater Causes Costly Water Leak at the Park City Museum

December 23, 2016

Though a detailed report of the extent of the damage is yet to come, there is obvious damage to sheetrock, paint, wood flooring and historic plaster in the jail area of the museum. Thankfully it leaked to the jail area, where the water coming from the ceiling could not reach the artifacts. Although the artifacts were unharmed, had luck not been in the Museum's favor... That's why you equip your building with The Detection Group's system to protect valuables that cannot be replaced. 

Why Restore, When You Can Prevent?

August 16, 2016

Water and fire damage claims have increased in Little Rock, which have prompted a demand for restoration services. The restoration industry is booming and estimated at $170 billion; yes, that's billion with a "b." This article details the surge in business in Little Rock for companies, such as PuroClean

With more than 50,000 water damage losses each day in the United States alone, it's no wonder why the restoration industry is benefitting. But wouldn't it be more sustainable and cost-effcient if we simply prevented water from causing havoc? YES, of course!!! Click here to find out how.

Pipe Burst Ruin Brand New Gym Floor

June 23, 2016

It only took 15 hours for the water to irreversably damage the gym floor. Because it happened during the Summer, the administration hopes to have repairs finished in time for the start of the new school year. However, this feeling equates to totalling a brand new car. Head on over to the article for the full story.


They wouldn't have even needed our automatic shut-off valve; with our water leak notification system, they would have been notified as soon as the first drop hits our sensor, so that they could deal with the situation within minutes, not hours. 

Water Damaged Condo Unit Owner Reluctant to File Insurance Claim

December 14, 2016

This is a hairy situation. Mr Condo, who gives advice for making the most of one's condominium living experience, received a letter from a condo owner, in which a poorly remodeling of a bathroom by the previous owner results in water leak damage. The owner filed a claim with the insurance company which was denied, saying not the owner's liability. The other owner refuses to file insurance claim, insisting the owner pay for repairs. Mr Condo, does his best with his advice, but you know what could have prevented this situation? A water leak detection system! See the full article here.

December 01, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - In a case watched by insurance-industry groups, the Florida Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against an insurer in a dispute about paying for damage to a multimillion-dollar Naples home that had to be demolished after a combination of construction defects and water intrusion.

The case dealt with widespread water damage sustained in 2005 --- including when Hurricane Wilma slammed into Southwest Florida --- and whether insurer American Home Assurance Co., Inc., should be required to pay a claim filed by homeowner John Sebo. Continued...

Province Funds HVAC Upgrades at Revelstoke Elementary School

November 08, 2016

Students and staff at Arrow Heights Elementary will enjoy a more comfortable learning environment with completed heating and ventilation upgrades. On Wednesday, Nov. 2, the B.C. Ministry of Education announced the school would benefit from $290,000 in funding to fix "water leak issues at the school." Click here to find out more. 

Operations Cancelled After Surgical Theatres Hit by Water Leak at Hospital

November 08, 2016

TWO surgical theatres at Salisbury District Hospital are out of action because of a water leak. A number of operations have had to be cancelled as maintenance staff deal with the problem. A spokesman for the hospital said:

"It is a minor clean water leak above our theatres. Because of the nature of where it is, we have unfortunately had to cancel some operations. It's affected two of our seven day surgery theatres."

Niles City Hall faced with costly water damage and mold

August 16, 2016

Unfortunately for Niles City Hall, it had to send its workers home so that it could deal with water damage and mold. Three employees, including the mayor, have symptons that are regularly found in mold-related illnesses. Although the cost of the repairs is not yet known, the building does seem salvagable. Head on over to the article to find out more. 

Mold Isn't the Only Pest that Comes With Water Leaks

August 01, 2016

Termites! Wet wood is a delight to termites, who are responsible for about $5 billion dollars worth of property damage each year. Head on over to the article to find out how quick it takes for water leaks to bring disastrious mold and termites.


And read about how our easy-to-install system leads the way in the Internet of Things regarding water leak detection and automatic water shut-off. Get notified before a small leak becomes a huge problem.

If a Hot Water Heater Bursts, You May End Up Paying for the Claim

February 16, 2016

Head on over to the article to find out just how disastrious a busted hot water heater can be. Or just avoid these consequences by contacting us to find out how reasonable our prices are and how effective our system is.  

It's Not Enough that the Upstairs Neighbors are Too Loud...

January 16, 2014

Julianna Margulies, the star of The Goodwife, returned to her new apartment to find that it was completely flooded from the upstairs neighbor. All it took for was one radiator to explode to cause irreversible, and total water leak damage. Head over  here to read the full article. Hopefully this apartment building gets a state-of-the-art, Internet of Things, water leak detection system.

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