For Plumbers - When you just want to stop a leak, but don't need notification.

Detect 200S Stop Flow

Stand-Alone Automatic Valve Shut-Off System

Where stand-alone water shut-off is used:

  • Stand-alone sinks and other leak-prone equipment 

  • Buildings without 24/7 security

  • NNN properties

  • Isolated areas

  • Smaller buildings where a full leak detection system is not necessary

All Detect valves are certified for potable water use.


The Detect 200S stand-alone, automatic valve shut-off system is designed to shut the water off to one or two valves (hot and cold) from the signal of a single sensor. Ideally suited for under a sink or behind a washing machine, this local control means water will be shut off only where the water is leaking. 

Unlike most automatic valves, Detect 200S cycles every 24 hours, ensuring that you know the valve will work when you need it. Plus it is also the only automatic valve that can be upgraded to the full Detect 100 monitoring and notification system.

The Detect 200S product includes the sensor, controller, valve(s) and all communication and power cables. Simply have the plumber install the valve(s). 

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