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Water leak detection—from miserable to manageable: Impressions of my first 90 days

I was honored to join The Detection Group as the VP of Marketing about three months ago. In the past, I’ve had significant experience working with building owners and managers on reducing their energy costs, but limited experience with water leaks. A burst water heater in our basement ruined our carpet, cabinets, and even stored heirlooms. However, I was unprepared for the intense emotion and expense our customers have experienced from their devastating leaks. I’ve learned that water leaks at residential and commercial properties carry the same financial and emotional distress—but many times multiplied.

I often talk with building managers, HOA board members, and property owners who share a warning: it’s easy to shrug off the necessity of leak detection until you experience the cost and chaos of a flood first-hand.

One manager of a luxury, high-rise residential building described a gut-wrenching scene: Monday morning he walked into his office on the ground floor to discover collapsed sheet rock from the ceiling. He had no clue where the water was coming from. It turns out the trickle originated ten floors up, from an unused guest bathroom. The owners were out-of-town on an extended vacation. The water spilled floor to floor, destroying three luxury apartments and damaging a dozen more.

With leaks, mold can grow within 24 hours. Residents were displaced for months during restoration. Even years later, the manager continued to track costly litigation and insurance settlements—all from one undetected and seemingly minor leak. After such anguish, he says he will never again be without leak detection. In fact, to date, since installing leak detection he has caught more than 100 leaks, of which at least five carried the potential to become full-scale disasters. From a miserable disaster to a manageable maintenance task—it turns out here at The Detection Group, we’re also in the business of emotional well-being.

We’ve published three customer case studies this month in which customers have shared their first hand experiences. If you have a story you would like to share, or any insights on how we can improve our product or services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Cindy Anderson

VP, Marketing

The Detection Group

650 279 7553


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