Protect the valuables that insurance can't replace

"Every building has water leaks. To sit back and allow that to continue when there is a solution is

  almost unconscionable. You think, ‘Big deal, my faucet is leaking.’ Yes, BIG DEAL: your 

  neighbor’s gone for a year and you’re going to be in litigation for five."

  San Francisco Property Manager

HOA s and building managers have a common interest to provide building-wide water leak detection systems, just as fire alarms and security systems protect against other hazards.

The Detection Group system includes wireless IoT sensors that notify building managers in the event of a leak. Centralized and cloud-based flood leak detection systems increase the value of the property.

Unlike offices, residences are not continuously occupied as owners may work, travel or reside elsewhere for substantial periods of time. How do you ensure that a water leak in an unattended apartment does not become a flood and damage other units? Are you protected against mold, which can grow within 24 hours?


Building-wide, wireless water leak detection systems monitor for water at every source - including common areas and individual units.


Tenants furnish their homes with their valuable and irreplaceable possessions, including family photos and heirlooms. They do not expect an overflowing sink or a leaky line to destroy their homes.

"The Detection Group offered smooth 

  installation that fit into our building design.”

   HOA President

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