Trident Leak Detection System becomes first of its kind to receive FM Approval



The next generation in commercial-grade, wireless water leak detection.

Fully wireless – Sensors and sensing cables can be installed anywhere in your building there is water. Going wireless reduces the cost of installation.


Expandable – Protect your building core today and add sensors to protect tenant spaces and housing units/condos in the future.

Redundant, reliable and secure – Isolated communications, separate from the enterprise LAN, makes Trident more secure. A dedicated analog voice line or cell modem serves as a redundant backup network.

Notification – Notifies building personnel of a leak by email, text or phone. Change system notification order based on schedule or vacations.


Extended range – Uses robust RF communications, not WiFi, to communicate over long distances. Trident can support virtually any size building.​​




Sensors operating


50 Million

Square feet monitored

$27 Billion

Of Protected Real Estate

When water is detected:

  • A local alarm immediately sounds off.


  • Designated responders receive a text, e-mail, and/or phone message with the time and location of the leak.

  • If deployed, automatic valve controllers stop the flow of water.

  • The response to a leak event is recorded, should an insurance claim be required.

Real-Time Notification

Rest Easy with 24/7 Protection

There's More to ROI than Money
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