“With some luxury units empty for months at a time during the off-season, the HOA board recognized the need for a total building solution.”

The Montage Reno


“We have gone from experiencing routine or catastrophic leaks to fixing drips before they become a real problem.”

General Manager Multifamily High Rise


“I go to sleep every night knowing when I go to work the next day, I won’t have a giant water disaster waiting for me.”

General Manager

Hospitality / Multifamily

Protecting your building’s revenue stream from water leaks is paramount.

Hotels and multifamily high-rises have more potential sources of water damage per floor than other types of commercial buildings. Due to off-season vacancies, leaks can go undetected for significant periods, causing catastrophic water damage that leads to:

  • A loss of revenue from accommodations
  • Moving guests from one room to another or even to another facility
  • Loss of short- and possibly long-term tenant monthly rents
  • Extremely negative public relations
  • Costs of deductibles and property damage
  • Increased insurance premiums in the future

To avoid that, invest in the FM Approved Trident™ wireless water leak detection system. It will protect your revenue stream and keep your guests and tenants happy.

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Your guests want more than a bed. They want to be fed. A dishwashing station water leak shouldn’t be on the menu. The Trident wireless water leak detection system can keep things cooking nicely.

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The gentle spray of the guest shower rain head can turn into a full-on waterfall instantaneously if a pipe leaks. It can destroy every room on its floor and on floors below. The Trident wireless water leak detection system can keep that from happening.

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Elevator cars, cables and machinery don’t mix well with a water leak. And when they’re not working, your guests can’t get to where they want to be. Your best protection against that happening is the leading wireless water leak detection system: Trident.

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