“Water is a quiet threat. It can run over a weekend and nobody knows about it.”

Lisa Gualco, General Manager, Hazard Center


“Leak detection is a key component of ensuring our water use is as low as possible.”

Sara Neff, Senior VP, Sustainability, Kilroy Realty


“The Detection Group turns a fiasco into a totally manageable maintenance item.”

Building Manager in San Francisco

Commercial Real Estate

Whether your building is a high-rise that seems to touch the sky or a campus that sprawls enough to be its own town, one simple leak can lead to water cascading from your ceilings — turning offices into soggy messes, and mechanical rooms, elevator shafts and server rooms into swimming pools.

  • Ruined equipment
  • Permanent loss of critical business data
  • Mold growth making for a dangerous workplace
  • Payment of higher insurance rates/deductibles
  • Unhappy tenants and loss of tenant revenue

All of this is preventable with a Trident wireless water leak detection system customized to your needs. One leak can paralyze your building. The Trident system can keep your building in business.

Where We Can Help


Elevators should rise through their shafts. Not water. A leak there could cause problems well beyond water damage. Let the Trident wireless water leak detection system help keep you high, and most important, dry.

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The pipes are all around your mechanical room. And every single one is a potential for building-wide disaster. The Trident wireless water leak detection system is your water disaster prevention system.

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Waterlogged, squishy carpet doesn’t feel or smell good. A leaking sprinkler system, leaking ceiling pipes or leaking AC vents can cause that. And a lot worse. Count on the Trident wireless water leak detection system to keep your business moving forward.

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