“Imagine a water leak damaging scarce, lifesaving PPE gear during the COVID-19 pandemic? Or shorting out a ventilator? You can’t put a price on that kind of loss.”

Hospital Administrator, Major U.S. Hospital


“Losing access to patient beds or operating rooms because of water leaks is a disaster on all fronts. We preach prevention to our patients and need to practice what we preach.”

Chief of Environmental Services, Major Metropolitan Hospital


A neurosurgeon is performing an intricate procedure. Water starts streaming from the ceiling. A lab researcher on the brink of a breakthrough is suddenly standing in an inch of water. The sub-basement, the mechanical heart of the entire building, floods. Patients need to be transferred. Bad news all around because water damage can:

  • Put patients’ well-being in jeopardy
  • Cause a loss of patient revenue
  • Destroy expensive critical equipment and supplies
  • Shut down an OR and ER during times of crisis
  • Ruin complicated laboratory experiments
  • Create unhealthy mold in the floors and walls
  • Generate negative press about your facility

Remember, just because you can’t see a leak, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Installing an FM Approved Trident™ wireless water leak detection system can save you money and help you continue saving lives. We thank you for your service.

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With a living kidney in the surgeon’s hand, a leak from a ceiling pipe is not in anyone’s best interest. The Trident wireless leak detection system is the right Rx.

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It’s stressful enough waiting weeks for an MRI appointment. Imagine the patient stress and your loss of revenue if a ceiling collapses under the weight of water from a hidden leak. The Trident wireless leak detection system helps keep everyone safer.

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There are few places with more sensitive equipment and delicate samples than in a lab. Would you want the next major breakthrough lost in a flood from a faulty, leaking pipe? Let the Trident wireless water leak detection system safeguard the future of your lab’s work.

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