“The Trident Platform is an engineering analyst’s dream. I have a detailed building history of where each leak took place so I can plan preventative maintenance.”

Chris Barr, CEO, Coastal Sentry Systems International


“The average severity of a water damage claim during construction is $138,404, while that for an operating building is $80,000.”

Insurance Services Office — New Jersey

New Construction

On Monday morning, 100 workers along with engineers, architects, lines of supply chain trucks, and the owner are on-site. What do they find? Water has leaked from newly installed pipes, flooding 15 floors of equipment, walls, flooring and rooms stacked with new furniture, resulting in catastrophic loss.

This all could have been avoided if the Trident™ wireless water leak detection system had been installed during construction. It’s designed to detect leaks and alert you instantly to help you avoid losses from:

  • Work stoppages
  • Costly financial penalties from delayed openings
  • Loss of projected revenue
  • Costs of replacing materials and equipment
  • Paying hefty deductibles
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Higher future insurance premiums

Statistics show that new construction is more prone to leaks and higher average water damage loss during construction than fully operational buildings. Why risk it when there’s Trident?

Where We Can Help


Water leaks during early phases of construction can stop your project and pile on expenses for repairs and idle work crews. The Trident wireless leak detection system helps keep your project flowing.

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The highest risk for water leaks is when you provide main water supply to newly fitted pipes. Like it or not, those leaks can show up on the weekend when workers are not on the site and can cause massive damage. They need to be detected long before they become a problem. That’s exactly why you need the Trident wireless water leak detection system.

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Every building requires a great amount of water. So a great number of pipes need to be connected and installed to supply and circulate the water and remove waste. A leak anywhere along the way during construction can cost you in lost time and budget overruns. Your protection? The Trident wireless water leak detection system.

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