“It doesn’t matter the industry — commercial, residential, manufacturing — every building will have a leak.”

Bill Wendt, VP of Engineering, Kilroy Realty


“LIt’s my responsibility to ensure every package flows through this distribution center undamaged and on time. An undetected water leak could ruin costly equipment, damage packages and leave us liable for non-delivery.”

Manager Mid-Atlantic Distribution Center


From massive consumer goods distribution centers to food processing plants to facilities that make equipment for first responders, whatever industry you are in, installing a Trident™ wireless early warning water leak detection system is a must. Because a simple drip, drip, drip can turn into a torrent and, depending upon your business, can cause:

  • Loss of business and revenue continuity
  • Destruction of stored inventory and valuable equipment
  • Interruption of production runs
  • Loss of perishables
  • Necessary reduction in the work force
  • A dead stop of your shipments

The Trident water leak detection system uses unparalleled technology for unsurpassed protection. Each Trident sensor checks for water leaks 6,000 times a day and reports precisely where any leak is taking place.

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A flooded bay is an unusable bay. Your trucks will have a hard time getting in or out, loading or unloading. In either case, that can seriously slow down your business. The Trident wireless leak detection system can keep your trucks, your stock and your business rolling along nicely.

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Whatever’s rolling down your assembly line, the one extra thing you don’t want in your product is leaking water from surrounding plumbing or HVAC systems. The Trident wireless leak detection system not only detects leaks, it can keep your assembly line online.

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Your storage capability is only as good as the environment you’re using for storage. Water leaks can ruin millions of dollars of inventory. The Trident wireless leak detection system can keep your inventory safe, dry, and profitable.

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