“Plumbing overflowed and migrated into the hallway, and was caught before it could migrate into a Main Electrical Room below.”

Lisa Gualco, General Manager, Hazard Center


“With The Detection Group, you’re solving a problem before it happens and mitigating an issue before it becomes large.”

Bill Wendt, VP of Engineering, Kilroy Realty


“It’s my job to make sure their building is in a condition that they can run their businesses without interruption.”

Lisa Gualco, General Manager Hazard Center, PMRG

Corporate Buildings

If you don’t know about a water leak, you can’t stop it. If you can’t stop it, the leak can stop your business. That’s why investing in a Trident™ wireless water leak detection system is critical in protecting your business to keep your business going. Whether you own or simply occupy the building, a water leak can create havoc on your business.

Water doesn’t respect boundaries. So, a leak from three floors up can:

  • Damage your workspace
  • Ruin computers and servers
  • Destroy files
  • Present long-term health issues for valued employees
  • Create supply chain and billing interruptions

The Trident water leak detection system provides invaluable peace of mind. And invaluable protection for your building. Shut down the leak. Stay open for business.

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Taking a coffee break shouldn’t mean dealing with a pipe break. Or worse. The Trident wireless water leak detection system gives you a break from water damage.

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It’s true that people are your biggest asset. It’s also true that if pipes leak and water rains down onto your computer workstations, document storage cabinets and conference rooms, your people will be sidelined. So will your business. Give yourself the wireless water leak detection your business rates: Trident.

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There are plenty of sinks and stalls for everybody in your building. Each sink and stall is also a good source for an ugly water leak, and then some. Let the Trident wireless water leak detection system give you the protection and peace of mind you need, as it guards against leaks and the damage they can cause.

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