“Water damage is the leading cause of property damage — bigger than fire and theft combined.”

Cesar Valencia, Regional VP, Chubb Insurance


“If clients have multiple water damage claims, they can be dropped or go into a high-risk pool. Either way, premiums go way up.”

Skip Rawstron, Rawstron Insurance Services


If you are an insurance carrier or broker, your clients depend on you to help protect their business interests and assets. Because of that relationship, it is only logical that you have your clients install the Trident™ water leak detection system so water leaks can be controlled quickly, and water damage losses minimized. If you are a Risk Manager, you already know the expense and havoc that water damage can cause for your business, and your bottom line.

Clients will be able to:

  • Purchase excellent coverage
  • Reduce costs for claim deductibles and property damage
  • Ensure business continuity for themselves or tenants

Insurers and Brokers will be able to:

  • Enjoy lower loss ratios
  • Set your company apart by providing a proven solution to your clients to reduce risk
  • Provide piece of mind that losses due to water leak damage can be controlled

Trident is the only wireless water leak detection system to receive the coveted FM Approval. Your clients will thank you for telling them.

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Some of the best advice you can give your insurance clients is to install a Trident wireless water leak detection system. It helps prevent water damage, costly repairs and higher premiums. Go with the premium wireless water leak detection system: Trident.

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What you think you’re looking at is a major burst pipe. What you’re really looking at is a disaster beyond your physical property. You’re looking at an insurance disaster that’s going to cost you in higher premiums, higher deductibles, and more general financial pain. Go with Trident — the leading wireless water leak detection system.

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Loss ratios are your formula for calculating risk and profitability. You want a low number. If an insured has had a lot of water leak damage, especially recurring water damage, they are high risk and you’ll pay for it. Protect yourself with Trident — the leading wireless water leak detection system.

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