Trident Awarded Coveted FM Approval


Water leak damage losses are frequent and cause more than $10 billion in loss claims annually and waste over 1.5 trillion gallons of water. FM Global states their clients experience about 2,000 of these types of losses annually at an average gross loss of U.S. $100,000 for each event.

These are facts that FM Global understands only too well, along with the need to quickly discover and stop a liquid leak to minimize damage and the impact on normal operations. Therefore, FM Approvals focused their attention on Standard 7745, which establishes the benchmarks for best-in-class FM Approval certification for water leak detection equipment.

The Detection Group’s Trident Wireless Water Leak Detection System, the market leader in wireless water leak detection for commercial buildings, is very proud to be the first and only company ever, under the stringent FM Approvals Standard 7745, to receive the coveted FM Approvals certification mark for a wireless water leak detection system.

“Higher certification standards and product testing mean you’ll prevent more losses,” said Brion Callori, FM Global Senior Vice President, Engineering and Research. “When you see a product or service with the FM APPROVED mark, you’ll know it meets our high property loss prevention product testing and certification standards.”