Collaborating together to eliminate water damage.

Case Studies

Watts Technology

Protecting Watts Headquarters

“In the end, we had almost zero damage from the headquarters leak... However, the entire ground floor could have been flooded if we hadn't gotten the calls from The Detection Group"

Brian Hiltz, Facilities Supervisor, Watts Corporate Headquarters


Protecting the Shorenstein portfolio of buildings from water leaks

“the Trident wireless water leak system that The Detection Group installed in our buildings is the future, is a competitive USP for Shorenstein and helps define us as a leader in the category."

Kevin Kirk,
Director Of Engineering

Kilroy Realty Corporation

Kilroy Reality protects properties, supports sustainability with water leak detection

“With The Detection Group, you’re solving a problem before it happens and mitigating an issue before it becomes large.”

Bill Wendt
VP of Engineering, Kilroy Realty

Global Real Estate Services Firm

Luxury residence secures several saves with wireless water leak detection system

““Trident™ is very cost-effective. Considering what it cost every time we had a leak…it will help us avoid issues in the future.”

Director of Property Management
Global Real Estate Firm

Luxury High-Rise

Luxury high-rise manager tracks avoidance of disasters with wireless water leak detection

“I go to sleep every night knowing when I go to work the next day, I won’t have a giant disaster waiting for me.”

General Manager

The Montage

Luxury residence secures several saves with wireless water leak detection system

“Now, in almost all cases, we detect leaks immediately.”

Dr. William Craig,
HOA President, The Montage

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