“The average Data Center outage costs $300,000 to $750,000.”

Ponemon Institute 2016


“Businesses large and small, domestic and global, and all of their employees depend on us around the clock, every day. Downtime because of a water leak would be disastrous.”

Facilities Manager, Logistics Data Center

Data Centers

Data is hot. It’s powerful. It’s what keeps businesses moving. The computers that work that data must be kept cool — often with water-fed CRAC units or water-cooled server racks. When any of those systems clog, overflow and leak, your stream of data can turn into a flood of water. If you are a Data Center Manager, you know that water is the enemy.

Add to that potential leaks from plumbing, HVAC, fire risers, and you have a formula for disaster. Even with a well thought out Disaster Recovery Plan you still can suffer:

  • Power outages causing expensive downtime
  • Loss of business continuity
  • Destruction of equipment in colocation cabinets
  • Shorting of biometric security devices at mantraps, cages, and suites
  • Moisture migration into cable and insulation
  • Loss of data

The FM Approved Trident™ cloud-based, IoT wireless water leak detection platform is the solution to keep your data flowing — not the water.

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The only time you want sprinklers going off in your data center is if there’s a fire. Otherwise, it’s bad news for your servers and everything they contain. So if there’s even the tiniest leak, you want to know about it. The Trident wireless water leak detection system will let you know.

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Your company’s data center basically is your business. One missed leak can turn everything that is your business into past tense. The Trident wireless leak detection system not only detects leaks, it can help future-proof your business.

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Your walls contain miles and miles of wires. A water leak can translate into miles and miles of trouble. And costly repairs. And loss of data. Which is why your first line of defense against water leaks onto your wiring system should be the Trident wireless water leak detection system.

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